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    Довольно профессиональный по своему наполнению механизм. Сильно выручает при поиске каких-то конкретных ключевых слов и конкуренции по ним. Не могу назвать отличных ему альтернатив. Из минусов - исключительно англоязычный интерфейс и автоматически периодическая (чтобы отписаться нужно писать им на почту) - так что подумайте прежде чем прикреплять к аккаунту кредитную карту
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Новости от SEMrush

⚽ SEMrush decided to look up data on World Cup host cities. People all around the world were searching for the weather in Saint Petersburg! 🔊Give this video a listen to hear the results we found! 🤔
We challenge YOU! 💪 With the help of Sean Patters and Chris Wyatt from Euro Digital Partners, we created the SEMrush Social Media Toolkit Course! Will you pass the test? ➡️\
❗❗Ready to answer the hardest question you'll be asked all day?! We recently asked some of the top experts in the industry: "How Do You Say SEMrush?" For some, it's Ess-Eee-Em, and for other's SEM. Now it's your turn, tell us! How do you say SEMrush?!
🍭🍬'🍫🍡The Candy Store Is Open! Here's how to use our *New* Organic Research Reporting ➡️ (via Glenn Gabe)
💥Are you ready to take SEMrush to the 'Yext' level?💥 Check out our most recent news and see how our tool can now help you with Local SEO ➡️
First set of photos from #SSJ2018! Thank you so much to everyone who joined us for an amazing 4 days filled with networking, parties, ideas, and for helping us to make memories that will last a lifetime!
📊We gathered and analyzed data for the global and domestic digital ecosystems of #fintech, focusing on seven countries: United Kingdom, United States, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, and Brazil!🌎 Dive in to our latest findings ➡️ Fintech Study 2018! 👍
I mean, come on! This video is amazing! Don't you agree? Learn all about out SEO Writing Assitant NOW! ⬇️
Today is an exciting day‼️ — SEO Writing Assistant is featured on Product Hunt ➡ Are you a fan? Are there any changes that would you like to see? Share your thoughts, we're listening 👍
🎉SURPRISE!🎉 SEMrush has just launched an updated version of Organic Research! Organic Research reports have always been of great practical value for those looking to analyze their competitors’ websites, from search traffic and ranking changes to organic keywords and SERP features available for certain words.📊 Test it out and let us know what you think⬇️


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