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    Скачал эту прогу и радуюсь, что у меня теперь есть такой мощный инструмент по выявлению ошибок, а их я как новичок в продвижении, совершаю очень много, а это как говорится деньги, поэтому не понимаю человека, который «жадничает» заплатить за этот софт, он действительно стоит своих денег, чтобы там не говорили,а другие аналоги на мой взгляд «нервно курят».
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Новости от Screaming Frog SEO Spider

For the first time, we're running a Screaming Frog SEO Spider training workshop at Brighton SEO in September. If you want to learn how to get the most from the tool, then book up! 😱🐸🕷️
Midweek tip - If you want to crawl a subfolder with the SEO Spider (i.e. /blog/), but also check for responses (broken links etc) that might be linked to outside of the directory, start the crawl at the subfolder and enable 'Check Links Outside of Start Folder'. It will crawl to 1 click outside only.
We've just released a small update to version 3.2 of the Log File Analyser. This release is mainly bug fixes and small improvements
Good 4 U
Does anyone have any experience with eiid url tracking? I'm running screaming frog and it's flooding my results with way more urls than we actually have, making it difficult to sort through.
For those who want to relive* Oliver's talk about fake news at Brighton SEO, you're in luck! *Slides also available for those who failed to make it back from the pub in time to catch it (don't worry, we won't tell anyone...)
The newest addition to our Brighton SEO beer mat collection
If you're at Brighton SEO today you should check out Oliver's session on using fake news to get links at 2:30pm in Meeting Room 1 (Yeah we know, it's that room that you can never find... We tried to get him on the main stage but Kelvin thought better of it)
Just released a small update to version 11.2 of the SEO Spider. This includes an update to version 3.5 released earlier in the month, smaller improvements and bug fixes.
New on the blog - Reviving Retired Search Console Reports


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