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Скачал эту прогу и радуюсь, что у меня теперь есть такой мощный инструмент по выявлению ошибок, а их я как новичок в продвижении, совершаю очень много, а это как говорится деньги, поэтому не понимаю человека, который «жадничает» заплатить за этот софт, он действительно стоит своих денег, чтобы там не говорили,а другие аналоги на мой взгляд «нервно курят».


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So the mini 'Beast from the East' last weekend turned out to be not so mini & unfortunately caused the cancellation of the Reading Half Marathon :'( Don't worry though, the SF run club have vowed to find a replacement race and we'll be keeping you updated as to how they get on!
In only 48 hours an army of frogs will battle the mini Beast from the East to run the Reading Half Marathon. They're raising money for Cancer Research UK & are so close to their fundraising target We're sure any last minute support would be greatly appreciated!
LOVE your Easter egg, I caught as many flies as I could :D
Just released a small update to version 9.1 of the SEO Spider - Mainly bug fixes & small improvements to the latest release.
I have a question on Screaming Frog. I recently ran a website and it's coming back with duplicate URLs like this: Any idea why this might be happening? Thank you so much.
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Who needs a quiet Monday anyway... 😱 🐸🕷️ #8millionandcounting
Announcing the Screaming Frog SEO Spider 9.0 😱 Crawl millions of URLs with configurable database storage. 🐸 In-app memory management. 🕷️ Store & view raw & rendered HTML. 🍻 Custom headers. & lots more. Hope you like it.