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    Скачал эту прогу и радуюсь, что у меня теперь есть такой мощный инструмент по выявлению ошибок, а их я как новичок в продвижении, совершаю очень много, а это как говорится деньги, поэтому не понимаю человека, который «жадничает» заплатить за этот софт, он действительно стоит своих денег, чтобы там не говорили,а другие аналоги на мой взгляд «нервно курят».
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Very proud to announce that we've been shortlisted for three UK Search Awards! 🎉🎉🎉
New guide on 'How To Audit & Validate AMP' using the SEO Spider
Some of the frogs got papped at Brighton SEO. Look at those happy little faces
The Brighton SEO crawling clinic is now open! If you don't know where to start with v10 of the SEO Spider or have any features you'd like to see in future releases come & tell us!
We're running a special Brighton SEO​ crawling clinic all day tomorrow. Come & say hi, tell us what we should've included in v10 of the SEO Spider or just come & pinch some swag!
Not sure this lot is going to last past lunchtime 😜
So everyone seemed to like v10 yesterday so hopefuly you'll all love this (small) update (v10.1). It includes a super important update that means you can change the font used in the visualisations... Oh, it also has a few bug fixes but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Go change all the fonts!
*DRUMROLL* Announcing @screamingfrog SEO Spider 10.0! Update includes - 🐸 Scheduling 🐸 CLI (& --Headless Mode) 🐸 XML Sitemap Crawl Integration 🐸 Link Score 🐸 Visualisations 🐸 AMP Crawling & Validation plus lots more! Hope you like it.
It is possible to save reports from Screaming Frog from command line?
😱🐸🕷 v.❌. 🔜


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