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Скачал эту прогу и радуюсь, что у меня теперь есть такой мощный инструмент по выявлению ошибок, а их я как новичок в продвижении, совершаю очень много, а это как говорится деньги, поэтому не понимаю человека, который «жадничает» заплатить за этот софт, он действительно стоит своих денег, чтобы там не говорили,а другие аналоги на мой взгляд «нервно курят».


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We built a little retro game called RocketFrog. Feel free to have a play -
Hi guys, any current coupons available please?
So it turns out we now know the answer to "How many SEOs does it take to break our website?" If you're trying to download v8.0 of the SEO Spider, please be patient. We're trying to get everything back up as it should!
Announcing the Screaming Frog SEO Spider 8.0. New UI, link metrics, JavaScript redirects, custom config profiles & more
When exporting inlinks, 302s that lead to 404s are classified as both, internally linked 302 or 404 pages. (e. g.: This makes it a bit nasty when clustering my findings. How does the crawler decide if it's a linked 302 or 404 page? Anyway, i love your product! Keep it up!
Recently my screaming frog install quit working altogether. This is on Windows 10. When I would try to run it, it would display the logo splashscreen, and then just end and nothing else would happen. I realized that the license was due for renewal and that it probably just needed a new license. I purchased that license today, uninstalled the old SF install, rebooted, and then reinstalled SF from a freshly-downloaded installation file. Nothing has changed. SF still starts up, displays the SF logo, and then abends. Nothing else. I read your FAQ topic about SF not starting and then I uninstalled and reinstalled Java. Still no change. Can you suggest anything else to try? I would much rather get SF working than to have to ask for a refund and stop using it.
Quite a few frogs heading north today for SearchLeeds. Looking forward to catching some great talks!
Hey froggy! How can I use you to check outbound links for a domain? <3 - Bibi