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    Отличная прога и довольно шустрая. Взглянул на свой сайт совсем другими глазами. Проверял на локальном компьютере под Апачи. Заодно перенес сайт на свой комп, а то последнее время правил на хостинге, что не есть хорошо. Большое спасибо за такой инструмент !!!
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Новости от Netpeak Spider


Новости от Netpeak Spider

Gary Illyes, Google Webmaster Trends Analyst, has described what’s new with Google and what you need to know about optimizing for search. So start your week checking keynotes out ⤵️
Our Growth Hacker Kosta Bankovski is on the Online Advertising conference in Bulgaria! If you want to ask something about our tools, don't hesitate to talk with him 😉
✨ Our guest author (Natasha Kvitka) has described how to increase conversions using technical SEO. Check out this list of SEO techniques to make sure you are not overlooking anything ⤵️
Find out interesting nuances of Google Cache and how to use it ⤵️
📚 Want to optimize your website but don’t know how to start? Start with the Netpeak Software Academy 👉 Now you can learn key milestones of technical optimization in the ‘Basic SEO Audit’ online course. The course includes three levels: 1️⃣ Indexing, server response time, HTTP status codes, meta tags, H1-H6 headings, content size analyzing, and image optimization. 2️⃣ rel=canonical, pagination and hreflang attributes, duplicates, broken links, and HTTPS Protocol. 3️⃣ URL optimization, internal PageRank, Sitemap, and website structure. Read more in our blog post ⤵️
Google’s John Mueller has stated that app interstitials will be problematic when it comes to mobile-first indexing. Find out more ⤵️
Check out an interesting guide to XPath for SEOs ⤵️
Our Growth Hacker Kosta Bankovski has prepared a special video overview of Netpeak Checker 3.0 💥 🙌 Latest updates turned Netpeak Checker into the essential program for SEO and PPC specialists, marketers and bloggers, webmasters, and sales managers. Find out all features and opportunities of the new tool in the video below (if you appreciate written format more, you can read a transcription of the video) ⤵️
If you need to create Contact Us page or want to redesign it and experience the lack of inspiration, check the list of awesome pages out in the post below 😉
📧 Our friends, a cross-channel marketing automation system for B2C businesses, share their practical case study of applying AI in email marketing. The eSputnik's Frequency Recommendation Engine is helping their clients save email marketing costs, improve sender reputation, and boost the ROI by more than 63%. Read how 🔽


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