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    Только начала пользоваться сервисом. Уже за первую неделю трое журналистов взяли мой контент! Круто!!! Спасибо HARO! Классно, что вы есть.
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Good time, my dear. I would like to tell a story about myself, about how I started making candles. I want to appeal to people who have given up and do not know what to provide for themselves and their children. Need to look for yourself! And the marketplace Etsy is a big help in self-realization. Etsy was able to offer me that level of trading in my candles, that my favorite business turned into an international store "JennyCANDLES". This has become my favorite work. I,m Eugenia. I'm a wife, mother of three lovely children. I like to handmade. I started candlelight while caring for my little son. It was necessary to come up with something that is interesting, that can generate income. The carved candles are the most interesting for me. My family likes to see and help with my carved art. Every candle has a part of me and my family. Our candle bisiness is growing during 5 years. Our candles created with a big LOVE. Every candle is made only handmade. The candle made of finest paraphin wax (food quality grade) with dyes, cotton wick and covered by special candle lacquer. Every candle is a unique thing. The carved candle in the home it's a very cozy thing. We make carved candles for different events. It's may be Birthday, Christmas, Mother's Day, Weddings and many your own desires. Everyone may order carved candles at their own request. We will try to fulfill any your desire. I hope you find your carved candle in my shop. All candles packaged well for safe delivery. They wrapped in two layers of bubble wrap and put into robust pipe. So, you can be sure that candle will arrive in same shape as it is at the picture. I am ready to solve various problems with the buyer, to create a personal candle for individual orders. If there are problems with delivery, then when communicating with the buyer, we find a compromise in the direction of the buyer. I would like you have only exelent emouthion after purchase. Evgenia.
A good decision is the culmination of a variety of perspectives; it has been analyzed by the minds of people who will benefit from it, as well as those who may suffer from the consequences.
Just a reminder about our adjusted Holiday send schedule. Also, Happy New Year!
HARO staff will be observing the holidays Dec. 25 and Jan. 1. Following are the days that will be affected by holiday scheduling, and a summary of the editions that you can expect to receive on those days: Tuesday, 12/25 - morning edition Wednesday, 12/26 - afternoon and evening editions Tuesday, 1/1 - morning edition Wednesday, 1/2 - afternoon and evening editions.
Have a question about the US stock market? Contact me at
Hi, I am a German girl currently volunteering in Iceland in a journalism-camp and I am writing about 20-somethings moving to Iceland from other countries and how it goes for them, can you help me with a source about that? Thank you so much in advance!
Hi Reporters Soiree In The Cities Girls Night Out Traveling Tour Is Looking For Consumers/New Businesses To Put Their Products in Our SWAG BAGS for over 1,200 women. The event will takes place in fabulous cities across the US and our tour ends in Philadelphia on Saturday, December 8th at the Center for Architecture & Design. If you choose to participate, we will need 100-125 items shipped to our office by Friday, Nov 30th. We will also need a high res of your logo as well as your social media handles. COCKTAILS & GIRL FRIENDS! H A P P Y T I M E S START H E R E... Imagine shopping nirvana: fabulous venue lined with booths of up-and-coming designers selling their unique clothing, accessories and more at sample sale prices, a night out with girlfriends, a five-hour open bar and free Soiree shopping bag. That’s the exact concept behind Soiree In The Cities Girls Night Out, the much buzzed about shopping parties held in the hautest cities around the country. NEXT UP... Next City To Explore Philadelphia Saturday, December 8, 2018 4pm - 9pm The Center for Architecture & Design 1218 Arch Street Philadelphia, PA 19107
What does it mean to be a modern communicator? 🤳📰🖥 How can comms pros earn the confidence & trust of CMOs? 🤝📊 Find out in our video series with Jay Baer:


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