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Только начала пользоваться сервисом. Уже за первую неделю трое журналистов взяли мой контент! Круто!!! Спасибо HARO! Классно, что вы есть.


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Are you still struggling to find the answer to yesterday's trivia question? Well, here's the answer:
Paint it “Primitive Electric”: Artist LeRoi Debuts at Art Santa Fe, 2018 Prolific New-York based painter LeRoi presents “Colored People” at Art Santa Fe, a solo exhibition featuring new and previously unexhibited works to the public from his latest body of work. SANTA FE, June 13, 2018 -- Acclaimed New York-based artist LeRoi debuts at the international contemporary art show Art Santa Fe July 12th - 15th, 2018 with Colored People, an expressive series of figurative paintings that poetically consider human identity through primitivistic gesture. Exhibiting alongside noteworthy galleries, art dealers, and established independent artists from around the world at the Santa Fe Convention Center, LeRoi’s solo exhibition at Art Santa Fe marks a continuation of the artist's globally-inclusive dialogue on the world stage. Colored People at Art Santa Fe is an extensive survey of LeRoi’s work from this recent series and includes a number of works which have not yet been exhibited to the public. A prolific self-taught artist, prominent New York lawyer, and the brother and former manager of R&B artist Rick James, LeRoi is best known for his anecdotal and polychromatic narrative paintings. Often described as “Afrocentrist” or “Pan-African”, LeRoi’s work is defined by a contemporary coalescence of religious motifs, cultural symbols, and modernist figures used to portray an incisive and underrepresented vision of the black experience. This distinct aesthetic is informed by more than forty years of experiential learning LeRoi garnered through frequent travels abroad, studious visits to major museums, and a nuanced study of the human condition. This is a practice which is unencumbered by market or academic regularities, representing instead the artists encounters with the world and his own human experiences. Working primarily with oils and acrylics in a style the artist refers to as “Electric Primitive”—a vibrant modernization of the reductive lines, geometric shapes, and flat picture planes found in early cave paintings—LeRoi’s work is definitively recognized for the masterful layering of color and deft application of paint employed by the artist to create paintings of extraordinary saturation and density. Preferring to work in the dark without natural light, LeRoi says he achieves this particular stylization by “painting colors into the light until they are visible in darkness”. Says LeRoi, “Maybe I’m color blind, but this is the way I see things”. Colored People is a continued investigation by LeRoi’s into the material potential of paint, but it also marks a metaphoric consideration of color to envision social realities. In this regard, the title “Colored People” functions doubly; it is in reference of to one of the various racially-charged descriptors African Americans have been given in the course of history, and it also signifies the contemporary blending of people of all colors and identities on earth. There are no singularly colored people. LeRoi’s paintings are—through an astute layering and patient layering of color— a celebration of that depth of diversity. ______ LeRoi C. Johnson’s Colored People will be on exhibit to the public at the Santa Fe Convention Center at Art Santa Fe, July 12th - 15th, 2018. For further information please contact: Ebony Maclin at 305-801-7616 or No automatic alt text available.
It's #TriviaTuesday! Here is this week's trivia question. Do you know the answer?
I'm writing a paper on Delaware title 8 paragraph 291 looking for copies of application for appointment of receivership or trustee were appointment was granted
What would be nice is if a Reporter did a story on some of the Missing who have vanished with no trace, no clues.
Are you still struggling to find the answer to yesterday's trivia question? Well, here's the answer:
The naval accounting office destroyed on 9-11, one day after the pentagon was found to have 21 trillion dollars unaccounted for, -- and by an alleged plane that there is no evidence of wreckage of at the site? -- Nor was plane wreckage found at the site of the towers collapse? -- And thousands of experts have agreed the towers were felled by a series of controlled detonations? --- And yet no one has investigated the military industrial complex accounting records for evidence of that missing 21 trillion dollars? -- Nor searched the oceans for wreckage along these planes last known flight path? --- -- The Gulf war based in a lie. Yet no one held responsible for those 5000 American, and 200,000 Iraqi lives lost, nor the trillions of tax dollars spent on this lie? --- The on going American Government criminal violation of The Symington Amendment of the Non Nuclear Proliferation Agreement of 1968, -- which Israel has not signed, and therefore is to receive no aid from anyone, in any form, (just as Iraq was blockaded based on the Gulf war lie) --- The Trump administration, in giving the Israelis that squadron of F-35 jets, which they had to know would be used against civilian populations, are party to the crime of terrorism, --- as dictated by the criminal act of giving Israel aid in violation of the Symington Amendment of the nuclear non proliferation agreement of 1968. --- I wonder if this favoritism towards Israel is facilitated by the 39 known Nasi/Zionist Israeli nationalist citizens that presently occupy American congressional seats? --- And I say known as by "Law" government officials are not required to inform the government or the people of their dual citizenship. --- And I imagine this "law" was instituted by Nasi/Zionist, Israeli national citizens who are judges sitting on the highest courts in the country, --- and use their power to infiltrate, dominate, and subvert the American government to its own desires? -- Further, The media is controlled by Nasi/Zionists, and Royal Family global capitalists who create conflicting stories, to divide the American people, -- and bury news items that threaten to awake the American people to their control and corruption. ---- And the entire upper echelon of the government has been corrupted by presidential appointments over the course of years. So that they exist in a state beyond reach of the American people. ----------- ----------- Even the Election process is corrupt. -- 3000 counties containing 17% of the population have 3000 representatives in state congresses. -- Who are the electoral college --- 83 %. Of the population live in 300 counties, having 300 representatives, --- Democracy? Hmm. That's s joke. --- Further, the Global capitalist party, who call themselves "Republicans", --- control campaign donations through the stock market owned corporations they own. -- Control the media propaganda through these corporations they own. --- And their "puppet" elected officials justify giving the military industrial complex, -- owned by Bush and Cheney, through the hid stock market, 55 % of the tax budget. --- Further, these puppet politicians send Israel and Saudi Arabia hundreds of billions of American tax dollars each year, which they return to bush and Cheney to buy military arms. --- And giving Israel any kind of aid is illegal as they have never signed the nuclear non proliferation agreement, and according to the Symington Amendment, that is illegal. --- Thus the American government has actively participated in the terrorist acts committed by Israel against medical personal and civilian populations. --- Why? --- Because the American congress is filled with at least 39 known Nasi/Zionist Israeli citizens, -- And the United States court system is filled with Nasi/Zionist Israeli citizens, who have ruled that the need to inform the government, or the people of their dual citizenships, is not required. --- Thus through unfair election practices, and laws encouraging the espionage take over of the American government, Royal Family and Nasi/Zionist global capitalists have through deception, -- Conspired to deny Americans a self representative government, and is using the United States constitution to act under color of law. ---- This should be interpreted as a treasonable act of war against the American people, and the world. --- And should be immediately dealt with by FBI and military authorities. Who have it on good authority that the fair election process has been subverted by capitalists claiming to be republicans, --- and corruptions of even this unfair election process have occurred in fact, during this last election. --- And we're further assisted by the global capitalist owned media, and controlled democratic and republican parties who also should bar independent investigations. --- Freeze all their monetary accounts, and trace all stock market owned corporations, and the investment companies they use to hide their ownership and corruptions. --- And while we're at it, where are the tax records Trumps draft/tax dodging ass promised the people of America upon his election? ----- ----- Dropping phosphorus bombs on kids? That is heartless and cowardly. --- And I cannot help but wonder if the American Nasi/Zionist, and Royal Family/Global capitalist Media Corporations purposely fail to report, and visually document its ugliness to the American public, for the purpose of creating total ignorance and indifference in the American population? --- Thus allowing Cheney and Bush families, who own much of the military industrial complex to continue to promote wars, and terrorism, for profit? --- They give Israel, and Saudi Arabia 100s of billions of American Tax payer dollars a year, which Israel and Saudi Arabia give right back to bush and Cheney for military arms, including these phosphorus bombs, Which they drop on civilian woman and children. --- And the use Chemical weapons are in violation of the Geneva Convention dictates. -- Further, The numerous incidents of Israeli snipers shooting medical personal in their numerous attacks on peaceful protestors is also a violation of the Geneva Convention dictates. --- And most importantly, the American Government has been criminally liable for violations of the 1968 non nuclear proliferation agreement, specifically the Symington Amendment, which states that no country that has not signed the agreement, and submitted to inspections shall receive any form of aid from other countries. --- Israel has never signed the agreement, --- and thus the American Government is criminally libel for violating the nuclear non proliferation agreement, --- Which I believe grants military authorities to have jurisdiction --- And that the present administration, in giving Israel a squadron of brand new F-35 jets, that they would in all likelihood test on Palestinian civilian populations, has, and continues to be party to Israelis terrorist acts, committed in their violations of the Geneva convention rules aforementioned. ------------------------------------- Further, I accuse Israel and the royal family global capitalists of purposely corrupting the law, to allow themselves, espionage spies, to infiltrate and corrupt the United States government, --- and using the media to purposely deceive the public, that they might further their economic take over, and economic enslavement of the world. --- My proof is: - There are 39 Nasi/Zionist Israeli national citizens in the American congress. -- And there maybe more as Nasi/Zionist judges ruled that it is not necessary for citizens with dual citizenships, to inform the government, or the people of their dual citizenship. --- Thus promoting The Nasi/Zionist, Royal family/global capitalist take over of the American Government. --- Further, the corruption of the one party media, owned by these same groups insure the American population Is disseminated, and kept in a state of division. --- The school system purposely avoids the study of the Kennedy Brothers assassinations, their speeches, and proposed policy changes, in their attempt to free America from Zionist/Royal family economic control. --- Nor the fact that after his death Nixion betrayed America by removing Government control of Gold prices and turned price control over to the federal reserve banking cartel. Whom immediately raised the price of gold by 1200 percent, and put the American tax payers in debt 150 trillion dollars. ---- Thus, the demise of the American economy occurred, creating the credit standard, and equalizing the American economy to the world markets, through bank debt, --- so that Nasi/Zionists, and Royal family/global capitalists could continue their economic take over of the world. ------------------------------------ You see I have this theory that the Nazi leadership, --- after looting the world and hiding the money in Swiss bank numbered accounts --- Escaped to Israel, by posing as concentration camp members, by spending a few days in the camps among the Jews. ---- Then accessed all the looted money to buy ownership in all the stock market, and along with Royal families and global capitalist elitists, --- Have spent the past 70 years corrupting the American political system by buying all the control of the political party's. ---- Controlling the media, military complex, chemical and medical industries. ---- Fluoridating the American population, and denying them proper educations, while enslaving them in servitude to the elitists plans. --- Presently the United States congress and presidential cabinet contain 39 Israeli national citizens, 20 Royal family members, and several global capitalist family members. ----- And they are using America to promote and continue the Nasi/Zionist, Royal family/Global Capitalist, program of enslavement, and genocide, of "lesser" people, and races ----- And that means most of you, whether, white, Jewish, or some other race. --- And in this uneducated, fluoridated, society of ignorance in this America they created over the past 70 years, they do have control. --- And John and Robert Kennedy were assassinated by them to prevent their attempt to end their corruption and ownership of the American government and people. -- But the souls of Americans are bought and paid for. And no one left to stand against them. We are doomed to their will. ---- and the global capitalists in this country supplied Hitler all the steel through Switzerland. ---- They needed to get Rid of the small businessmen, and destroy Europe to allow big business to rebuild get control of Europe also. --- And these nazis are hiding behind American Jews, and anti Semitism. After they killed all the small business owning European Jews. --- What you call Zionists are Nazi global capitalists in combination with America royal family global capitalist, ---- And the Republican party of Lincoln they like to hide behind is gone. It is the Nasi/Zionist, Royal family/global capitalist party. ---- My vote is to impeach and arrest all dual citizens in any capacity in the United States government, and freeze all the Monetary accounts. on the charge of suspected espionage; based in these facts of known governmental corruption. --- Further, the democrat and republican parties should be investigated and their monitory accounts also froze, to determine who are true to the American people, and who are members of the espionage take over that has been commuted against the American people. ---- Further evidence of governmental corruption See: --- American Revolutionist Forever, parentaon FB. Sent from my iPod
It's #TriviaTuesday! Here is this week's trivia question. Do you know the answer?
AMAZING ART STORY TO COVER!!!!! Calling all Art / Culture / Lifestyle Writers Cedrik Cavallier showcases his art series at the @sagamorehotel 🌊 Sagamore Salon Art Exhibit curated by Sebastien Laboureau @laboureausebastien June 28th - September 31st. The exhibit is inspired by the original Salon de Paris, and particularly, its renegade offspring, the Salon de Refuses, that was known for accepting new types of art not yet embraced by the establishment, including impressionists. Contact Ebony @ for more info and meet the artist - private art studio tour!!!!!!!
Are you still struggling to find the answer to yesterday's trivia question? Well, here's the answer: