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    I'm currently looking at businesses who are close to ranking on page one of Google, and noticed that your website is currently in the top 100 pages of search results for "seo company", which is a profitable phrase we can build on and push up the rankings. I know you're very busy and I appreciate your time reading this. Would you like an edge over your competitors? If I could save you time and get you more leads would you be interested? I'd like to offer you the chance to discuss your business and see where you can make even MORE money, free of charge. If interested you can mail me anytime to discuss your business needs, we do everything from content and video creation, copywriting, competitor analysis, SEO, digital and social media marketing, Wordpress and sales funnel setup and design, email marketing campaigns and more. Everything you need to grow your business online. I'm also available on Skype should you prefer that over email. Have a great day! Kind regards, Ettienne
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